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MLM Enterprises is a health focused entity seeking to provide research driven education and resources to create legacies of health among minorities and low-income women and children. 

Our mission is to provide community and professional organizations in the Southern United States with scientific based information, resources and training to improve knowledge and access to sexual health services and address health disparities that imped one’s ability to be sexually healthy and happy.

The SHE Project recognized gaps for knowledge, opportunity and networking that are present during the teenage and college years of young women.  As a young lady who struggled with self-esteem, depression, and self-doubt, I knew that there were other young women who needed someone outside of family to aid them in finding their passion and utilizing their own gifts.  In addition, it was not until the age of 28 that I got my first mentor.  It was life changing; thus, I began to realize that mentorship was the avenue for African American girls and women to realize their truest potential.

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